“The Cottage” in Mathews specializes in painted furniture of the “cottage style,” along with accessories to dress up or casualize your home. The owner adds her own artistic flair to particular pieces by adding scenes one would see on the water: seagulls, sea grasses, sailboats, lighthouses, sand dunes, etc. “The Cottage” also welcomes consigner goods, which are displayed in such a way as to enhance each item.

“The Cottage” is more than a store: it is a shop full of helpful ideas for your home, offering displays that show you how to use vintage items in a modern way. The owner, Janice Jones, loves to find discarded items and bring them back to life and present them in a way that makes you wonder why anyone would have ever been willing to part with them. The pricing is reasonable; the turnover is quick. You won’t find anything in the same place on your next visit, so grab it up while you can!