About Us

Janice Jones began her career in the arts and crafts business in the 1980s, when “country was cool.”  She painted scenes on wooden furniture and knick knacks for sale in craft shows.  She discovered that yard sales were a great place to find discarded items, mend them and paint them for resale.  For several years in a row, she held a Christmas open house in her home featuring seasonal painted items, personalized slates and nautical wreaths and swags.  When moving to Mathews, in order to furnish her home she began attending Sally Moore Auctions at the local Ruritan club building; there she began her education on antiques and collectibles.  After her house was full, being an avid shopper and needing a place to sell her purchases, Janice opened a small booth at Plantation Antique Mall.  When the mall closed, her parents deeded her the old Roane’s General Store in Gloucester, but due to county requirements the dream to operate this store is on hold.

In 2005, Janice opened Gigi’s Antiques on Main Street in Gloucester with her business partner Traci Daniel Batalon.  At Gigi’s, Traci and Janice used their talents to repurpose furniture for resale, by painting and staying current with colors anddesigns of the decorative interior market.  In other words, they knew how to buy and design what you wanted.  In 2007, they closed theshop in Gloucester and Janice began her own business, Roane’s Antiques and Collectibles, managing estate sales.

Driving through the town of Mathews on a weekend, Janice noticed how busy the streets were, with people shopping at the shops and the farmer’s market.  She noticed a “For Rent” sign in the window of a small white cottage right on the main street.  Should she try another store?  If so, this time the painted furniture would take top priority instead of antiques.  The “Cottage” was started and has been booming ever since.